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There is numerous videos online of anti Trump supporters protesting outside of Trump rally’s. Some are extremely funny. 90% of these protesters don’t even know why they’re protesting. They’re asked “why don’t you like Trump?” Their response is “because he’s a racist” or “he doesn’t want equal rights for woman”. Then they normally say how they’re going to vote for Hillary. It’s so ridiculous. The fact is everything these people are saying about Trump is untrue and the truth is that Hillary Clinton stands for everything they hate. So I decided to make a Guide to shutting up ANY Anti-Donald Trump protester.

I’m going to put together some of the most common statements these idiots say about Donald Trump followed by theactual facts.

KKK Member Robert Byrd KISSING Hillary Clinton

“Donald Trump is a racist!”

Incorrect. There’s no proof or anything remotely showing that Trump is a racist. Trump was one of the first people to let Blacks and Jew’s into his golf course. He fought and refused to not let Jew’s and blacks into his golf course.

Hillary Clinton is in fact affiliated with the KKK. Her “good friend” and “mentor” Robert Byrd was a high ranking member of the KKK. She also is on record calling young black men “super predators”. Back in 1974 witnesses said they saw and heard Hillary yell at campaign manager Paul Fray calling him a “fucking Jew bastard”.


“Donald Trump doesn’t want Mexicans in America.”

Wrong. What he doesn’t want is ILLEGAL immigrants to come into America ILLEGALLY. He’s said numerous times that he wants immigrants in America, but they need to go through the proper procedures. He wants to get the illegal immigrants that are committing crimes out of our country. Which by the way Hillary said she wanted to do back in the 2008 election and also said she wanted to build a “barrier” and that “Mexico is a problem”


“Trump hates gay people.”

Again wrong. Donald Trump has voiced his opinion on gay marriage numerous times saying “I’m very happy for them. (Talking about a same sex couple getting married). If two people dig each other, they dig each other.” Hillary on the other hand has flip flopped on the issue as she has with so many other topics saying she didn’t support gay marriage when asked by Anderson Cooper. And going even further saying “marriage is a sacred bond between a MAN and a WOMAN”.


“Trump doesn’t have any real policies.”

False. People who say this obviously haven’t watched any of his recent rally’s or done their research. Trump has laid out plans on his campaign website for every topic he’s talked about. Even how he’ll make Mexico pay for the wall. I recommend everyone look at his plans on his website.


Katrina Pierson, Trump's campaign spokesperson
Katrina Pierson, Trump’s campaign spokesperson

“Trump is a sexist.”

Incorrect. Donald Trump has numerous female employees on his campaign staff. And I’m not talking about “assistants” or a small position. Take for example Katrina Pierson, Trump’s campaign spokesperson. I’m sure you’ve seen her on quite a few news stations. And not to mention Trump has produced tens of thousands of jobs many of witch are female workers. Now the wonderful Hilary Clinton has referred to Bill Clinton’s girlfriends as “Bill’s bimbos”. Not to mention her husband has been accused of rape over and over. She says she wants to empower woman but yet she is married to a man who has cheated on her and been accused of rape numerous times. Isn’t that the opposite of being a “feminist”. A feminist from what I understand if a woman who is strong and doesn’t stand for disrespect from a man. Also Hillary has taken numerous donations from countries that openly suppress woman such as Saudi Arabia.


“Trump is a threat to national security.”

I find this one so extremely funny. Hillary Clinton put the entire country in jeopardy when she put classified information on an INSECURE email server! Trump is open and wants to work with other countries such as Russia’s Vladimir Putin and make them our allies. Hillary has slandered Putin over and over even compared him to Hitler!


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