Finale Debate Takeaways and Thoughts | Who won (poll results)3 minute read

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Well that’s it folks, the final debate. The first debate, although I thought Trump did win, I think he was aggressive enough. But Trump has definitely improved greatly. I think that is a token of his intelligence and the help he’s getting from Nigel Farage as well as General Flynn. I made a video yesterday on election fraud and how this election is in fact rigged in more than one way. Donald Trump has had to debate not only Hillary Clinton, but also the moderators. But that’s enough of the past, let’s jump into this third and final debate.

  • I will say Chris Wallace did a much better job at being a fair moderator. He did grill her on pay for play. And Wikileaks.
  • I thought it was fantastic when Trump was asked about the BOGUS sexual assault allegations and he said they’re false and he would much rather talk about real issues such as ISIS, immigration etc.
  • Trump called her out on Haiti! Her and Bill through the Clinton Foundation too over 94% of the money through the donations and the Haitians only got less than 5 percent… They promised two new hospitals, none were built….
  • Trump also brought up the fact that Hillary Clinton’s campaign and the DNC was paying people to insight violence at his rallys
  • You could really tell that Donald Trump is very passionate about abortions. He is pro-life, as am I. Hillary Clinton is for abortion, as well as late term abortion, and notice she didn’t even deny having abortions as late as 9 months! That is absolutely unbelievable and disgusting. Clip below…

I saw some tweets and some articles from some left wing liberals saying “Trump did OK but he lost when he didn’t say he would be OK with the election outcome“. He very clearly said he will determine that when it’s over. If it comes out that millions of DEAD people voted, or clear election fraud happened which it looks like it might, why would he not call that out? If he loses and there is no evidence of fraud of course he’ll acknowledge it. I love how the left and Hillary Clinton says Trump is crazy or “whining” about this election is rigged but they say Russia is going to rig the election. ..


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