Donald Trump is back ahead in major polls1 minute read

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Donald Trump is back in the lead in some major polls. This coming after he is exposing the rigged election, and destroyed Hillary Clinton at the final debate last Wednesday. But polls aren’t all what they’re cracked up to be. What you really have to look at is rally turn out, and social media support, and Donald Trump is absolutely DOMINATING. But the mainstream media wants us to believe Clinton is way ahead and Trump can’t win. Give me a break. But now even the polls are showing people are waking up to the corruption of Hillary Clinton thanks to Wikileaks.

Now why am I reporting about the polls of they’re unimportant? Well even now the shills in the mainstream media can’t keep saying Trump is way behind. They love talking about polls when Clinton is ahead, but now when Trump is.

Here are the polls from
picsart_10-22-10-36-53Donald Trump is back ahead in major polls

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