Comparing Donald Trump to Hitler?1 minute read

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I keep hearing ignorant people on Twitter, Facebook and the mainstream media saying “Donald Trump is like Hitler” or “Trump’s tactics are similar to that of Hitler”. Really? So let me get this straight. You’re comparing Donald Trump to Hitler? Hitler literally was responsible for over 11 million deaths, and demanded the murder of 6 million Jew’s. Hitler used the gas chamber to kill Jew’s and tried to literally extinct the entire Jewish existence.

Top 5 Reasons to Vote for Donald Trump

So again let me try and understand your logic. Donald Trump a business man, who was against the pointless Iraq War. A man who has created thousands and thousands of jobs for people of all races and color, and is responsible for ZERO deaths is similar to a man who lead the Nazi’s? Um, what the actual fuck?

Hillary Clinton Hitler

Now if you want to compare anyone to Hitler, which honestly no one compares to this demon. It would be Hillary Clinton. Let’s take a look at a few comparisons…


Comparing Donald Trump to Hitler?

She wants to disarm America. Hitler took the guns during his reign of terror in Germany.

Comparing Donald Trump to Hitler?

She agreed with the Iraq War which is responsible for 4,486 dead American soldiers. Over 21 million German soldiers died in World War 2.


Hillary tries to create racial division just like Hitler did with the Jew’s and other races.

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