BREAKING: Donald Trump caught on ‘hot mic’ saying some locker room type things about woman2 minute read

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Yesterday a 10+ year old leaked audio and video recording was released by the Washington Post of Donald Trump talking to Billy Bush behind the scenes of a soap opera appearance. In the video which was intended to be a private conversation, Trump is talking about a woman he was trying to sleep with, he then goes onto say how easy it is to have sex with woman when you’re a star saying “you can grab em’ by the pussy” and they don’t care.

Now this is a bad situation for Donald Trump but let’s be real, it is nothing more than locker room talk. I absolutely guarantee that 95% of men talk this way to their boys. Even I do. Now I’ve never said those exact words, but the way we talk to guy friends are different than how we talk on record. Go to any video on YouTube that has an attractive woman in it, scroll through the comments and I promise you’ll find a guy saying 10x worse than what Trump said. And you may say “well that person isn’t running for president” Trump wasn’t either at the time. Remember that. And it’s important to note a few other things…..

  • This was over 11 years ago.
  • He was in the entertainment business, a civilian.
  • He has apologized.
  • Bill Clinton has literally RAPED and MOLESTED woman while Governor and President.
  • Hillary Clinton has gotten a child rapist off in court. Then bragged and laughed about it.
  • Hillary Clinton has also THREATENED and called Bill’s victims “bimbos” and called Monica Lewinsky a “schizophrenic looney tune”.
  • And the biggest thing to remember is that these are WORDS! He has never raped a woman such as Bill Clinton.
  • Also in those words he didn’t say anything illegal, such as how he wants to rape a woman, or grab her against her will.

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