Bill Clinton’s Abandon BLACK Son2 minute read

Do black lives really matter?

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The Drudge Report resurfaced a bombshell of a story about a 28 year old guy that says he is Bill Clinton’s abandoned half black son Danney Clinton-Williams. This could be Hillary Clinton’s worst nightmare. Why does this matter?

1. Well, Hillary claims to be a advocate for woman’s rights, yet she let this woman and her child be neglected and let her husband ignore them, not to mention all the other PROVEN allegations from woman.

2. Hillary is always saying she’s a supporter of black lives and black families not living in poverty. But this is exactly what her and her husband did. Also the man’s mother also says Hillary is the one who threatened her and her sons live if they caused problems.

3. And this is the biggest. If this is true (which I think it is) how many more are there? If Hillary becomes president will more come out of hiding? This would make her liable for blackmail

 Is it true?

Danny’s mother, Bobbie Ann Williams was a prostitute in Little Rock, Arkansas. She says that while Bill Clinton was the governor of Arkansas he was one of her clients. There is no word on how many times they hooked up but Bobby says that Bill was her only white client at the time. Bobbie and her sister both supposedly passed a polygraph test on this topic. But the most damming proof of all is a then trooper, Buddy Young admitted to The British Press that he did in fact drive Bill Clinton and Bobbie Williams to one of the hotels they would use for sex. There has been no DNA tests as of yet, and I really doubt their will be. Most likely what’s going to happen is Bill and Hillary will ignore this young man and this story will just somehow disappear.

And listen folks whether this is true or not do you really put it past Bill Clinton? Look at all the terrible things he has done to woman that have been proven true, and Hillary has helped cover up.

Danney made a Facebook page in hopes of spreading the word….

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