1st Presidential Debate Takeaways & Review (POLL)5 minute read

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I was at work during the First Presidential Debate, but there was no way in hell I would miss this. I’ve been looking forward to this debate for weeks now. It was hard to work and watch at the same time. But again I wasn’t missing this historic event. Going into the debate I felt a mixture of nerves. But overall I think Donald Trump destroyed Hillary Clinton on this debate. Here’s why…

I think Trump’s people were telling him to be calm and be presidential. And Trump did just that. Many people are upset that he didn’t go all in and mop the floor with Hillary but I think taking the more calm more presidential route was a great way to go for this debate. You could very clearly see that Hillary and her camp were banking on Trump to get upset and angry and get into name-calling so she can say “see?”. But that totally backfired. Trump was calm and cool like a real president should be. You can see near the end of the debate, the last 5 or so minutes Hillary realized it wasn’t working on Trump so she got frustrated and started name calling. “He’s racist, he hates woman, he calls woman pigs” blah blah blah. I loved it, all Trump said to that was just “wrong”. It make Hillary Clinton look completely pathetic.

This debate was narrated by Lester Holt from NBC. He’s on record being more of a liberal so I thought that it would be fair and no leaning in anyone’s favor. But unfortunately it was very apparent that Holt is a Hillary Clinton supporter and maybe even a Clinton Foundation contributor. I mean honestly it is obvious that Donald Trump was debating two people in Hillary and Lester Holt. I just wish these polls and debates could just be legitimate.

I mean come on Lester Holt asked Trump about the birther issue? Seriously? But he didn’t ask Hillary about her email scandal, Benghazi, Haiti, Libya or any of the number of REAL issues that Hillary Clinton has done.

1st Presidential Debate Takeaways & Review (POLL)

My key takeaways from the 1st Presidential Debate…

  • The narrator of course went after Donald Trump not releasing his tax returns but Hilary won’t release her emails or her tax information on her money laundering Clinton foundation.
  • I absolutely loved when Trump called Hillary out for stealing the nomination from Bernie Sanders. Notice how Hillary had nothing to say back to that.
  • I thought it was so pathetic how Hillary was plugging get website and her failure of a book over and over and over.
  • Trump called Hillary out real quick when she said she would fix NAPFA. He cut her off and said “you said it was the gold standard of trade deals“. She went silent on that topic real quick.
  • Hillary says that Trump took advantage of his employees and didn’t pay them enough. Yet she took advantage of the people in Haiti and took their donation money.
  • She talks about how Trump is racist because he wanted Obama to produce his birth certificate. Yet it was her campaign that started that. During her campaign and during that campaign she released the infamous picture of Obama in his hijab. And don’t forget that Hillary Clinton called young black mensuper predators“.
  • Hillary Clinton talks about cyber security and how it is so important and she’ll protect us, yet she had an insecure illegal server. And did you catch when she said “Russia” hacked the DNC server? There is absolutely no proof that Russia hacked the server. And Trump called her on that he said “it could have been anyone, its not fair to say it was Russia when we don’t know“. I don’t know what it is about Hillary and wanting to go to war with Russia.
  • Hillary said that Trump’s temper is bad and we shouldn’t trust him with the “launch codes” but yet she literally bragged how she had Gaddafi killed, called half of Trump supporters “deplorable“, I could go on and on.
  • Hillary says Trump says mean things about woman when he employs thousands of woman. And Hillary takes millions of dollars from countries that depress woman and treat woman like animals. Not to mention what her husband had done to dozens of woman.


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