Jordan Love needs to start the remainder of the season, here’s why4 minute read

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With the sample size we saw last night in Philadelphia, it’s time to put Aaron Rodgers on IR and start Jordan Love for the rest of the season…

The Green Bay Packers have a decision to make at quarterback. Their first-round draft pick Jordan Love came in the game to fill in for an injured Aaron Rodgers against the Eagles last night and delivered. Love needs to start the rest of the season. Here’s why…

Jordan Love First Possession Highlights

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Jordan Love was taken by the Green Bay Packers in the 2020 NFL draft in the very first round – which they traded up for. Coming out of Utah State, he turned heads throughout his college tenure.

With Aaron Rodgers clearly struggling, and the Packers’ playoff hopes continuing to dwindle, the Packers’ head coach Matt LaFleur refuses to bench his aging and severely injured quarterback…

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Aaron Rodgers had a terrible performance yet again in Philadelphia going 11 for 16 with 140 yards, 2 touchdowns, and 2 interceptions.

Rodgers left the game with a rib injury during the third quarter after taking a sack.

In came Jordan Love with just under 10 minutes left in the game and down by 14 points against a top-10 defense.

On his first drive of the game, Love led the Packers to a 4-play, 75-yard, 2:11 minute touchdown drive hitting Christian Watson on what was designed to be a 10 or so-yard slant that 9 took to the house.

After the game during his press conference, Aaron Rodgers said he was having trouble breathing and rotating his body. Even saying he thought it could be as bad as a punctured lung.

Of course, despite all of this, when Rodgers was asked due to the thumb and now the rib injury, if it’s time to shut down for the season, he responded “I don’t think so.”

Jordan Love ended the game going 6 of 9 for 113 yards and 1 touchdown.

But it’s more than that. His body language, his commanding of the offensive, as a whole on this sample size, he looked comfortable and poised.

Jordan Love: Mindset was ‘let’s go win’

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Rodgers is still undecided if he’s going to return after the season despite being guaranteed 60+ million dollars.

Of course, Rodgers won’t admit that this thumb or rib is really bad and causing him to completely miss wide-open receivers. But it’s clear to anyone who compares his work from last season – his back-to-back MVP season – and it’s clear that something is off. A quarterback doesn’t regress this much that fast.

At this point, I believe Rodgers needs to be placed on injured reserve now and that will allow the following:

  1. Rodgers can get his thumb surgery if needed.
  2. It lets us see what Love has. Not preseason games, or mop up duty, real games against teams still fighting for their playoff lives.
  3. Use what we saw from Love to decide if you’re picking up his fifth year option.
  4. We still don’t know if Rodgers is even coming back next year. Therefore, we need to find our next quarterback. If it’s not Love (I think it is), then by letting him play, his trade value increases.
    Matt LaFleur shows the fans, front office, and most of all, his team that this is still HIS team and that he calls the shots, not Rodgers.

Yeah, I’ve Been Impressed with Jordan Love

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