Rapper Boosie says he will commit hate crimes against “white boys” after traffic stop1 minute read

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The iconic Louisiana rapper Boosie Badazz says he will “swing on the first white boy he sees” after traffic stop.

After being stopped by police in Georgia on July 12th, news outlet TMZ published exclusive body cam footage of one of the officers. The footage shows the rapper being stopped, and what he calls “harassed.”

The officers smelled marijuana, detained Boosie, then proceeded to search his vehicle. While on the side of the road, Boosie said he is tired of being harassed and will have to file charges against the police department.

But that’s not all he said. The officers didn’t interrupt him and simply let him vent, since he just seemed to be frustrated.

Boosie went on to yell that he will “spit on” nurses in the jail, and even said he will “punch on the first white boy he sees, on my daddy grave.”

To be frustrated about being pulled over, is understandable. And he may actually be being targeted, which if so, is wrong. But to say you’ll commit a racial hate crime against random white people is simply unacceptable, and quite frankly disgusting.

It’s also important to note, the officers did not arrest Boosie, just gave him a citation.

Boosie Badazz Rages Out While Cuffed & Detained in Georgia | TMZ

Boosie Badazz ended up in handcuffs during a Georgia traffic stop, which threw him into a rage, and we’ve obtained the wild body cam footage of the incident….

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