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Christianity is embedded in the foundation of the United States. Despite that, we continue electing people who do not have Christian values. Some wonder why certain aspects of the country are so upside down. We, as a nation, have fallen away from God. That’s why it’s so important to elect individuals who follow the word of God.

I was able to speak with Pastor Heath Loftis who is running for U.S. Senate in the state of Arkansas. Being a Christian myself, I was excited to speak to Pastor Loftis.

Here is my exclusive interview with Pastor Heath Loftis.


Can you tell us a little about yourself?

“I’m more pastor than politician. Some quick things about myself, I am a husband to an amazing wife, Ashley Lofts, and have three brilliant children, Garrison (4), Elizabeth (3), and Elliot (2). I grew up on my family’s farm. I have been in ministry for 15 years, I have been pastoring Park Avenue Baptist Church for 8 years. While I was in the ministry, I also enlisted into the Marine Corps Reserves, I have a Bachelor’s degree in Ag Business, and a Master as well as a Doctorate of Divinity. I teach Tae Kwon Do to people who are looking to be able to defend themselves. I also teach at an addiction recovery ministry (ARM180),” the Pastor told me.

I see many Democrats claiming to be Christians. I firmly believe being a Christian and a Democrat is not possible. The core values of the Democratic Party go against the word of God. As a Christian Pastor, do you think it’s possible for a true Christian to be a Democrat?

“What makes someone a Christian? We would all agree it isn’t who they vote for. The gospel is clearly laid out and defined that Christ died on the cross for my sins according to the scriptures, He was buried and He rose again (1 Cor. 15:1-4). In fulfilling all of God’s wrath and justice concerning my sin, He promises to forgive and save me from all my sin, if I’ll but ask Him to. Do you believe that Christ’s death on the cross satisfied God’s wrath concerning your sins? Do you believe if you asked Him to save you from your sins, do you believe He would? Then, whosoever calls on the name of the Lord shall be saved (Rom. 10:13), now that is what makes someone a Christian,” Loftis continued.

Now you and I cannot look upon the hearts of men, however, we are given this admonition, “Ye shall know them by their fruit…” (Matt. 7:16a) Our actions betray our speech, and our actions are the truest indications as to what we truly believe. The DEMONcratic platform has not one single solitary issue that can align itself with scripture. So though we cannot look upon their hearts, I do not consider myself too far out of line when I say, ‘you shall know them by how they vote’,” Pastor Loftis said.

What are you most passionate about in the world of politics?

“The thing I am most fervently passionate about is the abolition of abortion. This was one of the main things that thrusted me into the world of politics. When the Senate and white house flipped (howbeit by fraud), the republicans then set forth an anti abortion bill that was doomed on arrival. My question was, where was this bill 4 years ago, and then it occurred to me. The Republicans are not looking to abolish abortion, they are looking to fundraise off of abortion, and my anger could not be contained. So in that zeal and drive my main focus is the abolition of abortion. This is where the battle is now concerning what constitutes a person to being a person (14th Amendment). If the definition of what makes a person a person is a fluid definition, then it will not be long before, those who are unvaxed are not a person, those who are Baptist are not a person, etc. So in fighting this battle here, I believe we are fighting the war for our very existence,” Pastor Loftis told me.

I see you’re a Marine Corp Reserve. First off, thank you for your sacrifice. What do you think about the situation in Afghanistan?

“It is an absolute tragedy, given that 13 of my countrymen in arms had to pay the ultimate sacrifice for their Commander in Chief’s incompetence. But I do not just hold him responsible, where are the officers and the generals, and those in the chain of command who went about following unlawful orders? Where was the officer who had the metal to say, I don’t care what my highers say, we are not leaving here till every American is brought out. Too many people worried about their pensions and positions to do the right thing,” Heath said.

How do you think that situation (Afghanistan) should have been handled?

“I think it should have been handled the way that Trump had staged it to go. He had conditions laid out for their withdrawal. The civilian contractors and those who had aided us while we were there should have evacuated first, then equipment, then the destruction of structures the enemy would use, and then our men in arms. The reason this was handled the way it was is because the American service men and women were being used as political props. Biden only wanted to be known as the president who ended the “forever war.” The point is, you never get in a hurry when you are doing this, and you certainly do not task the enemy with your security. Nor do you give the enemy a list of people they want through the checkpoints. This will go down in history as the most embarrassing thing our country endured militarily since the surrender of the USS Philadelphia in the first Barbary war,” the Pastor told me.

What made you want to run?

“The fraud on our elections was one, but the main reason was again the issue of abortion.”

Who do you support for Arkansa’s next Governor?

“If I’m honest, I don’t like either one that well. There are some out there that I wished would have ran, but when Sarah Sanders jumped in, she took all the air out of the room.”

What makes you a better representative than John Boozman?

“John is not very vocal and seemingly passive when it comes to issues that we Arkansans care about. I would make it my mission to see to it that the states and the individuals retain the rights granted them by the constitution. John Boozman sees government as part of the solution, whereas I see it being much of the problem,” Pastor Loftis said.

Do you believe social media giants such as Facebook, Google and Twitter are actively censoring Conservatives? If so, what should be done about it?

“Absolutely they are censoring us. I have been subject to the suspensions of these so called “platforms of free speech.” The problem is they are not acting as a platform of free speech but as publishers. They determine what does or does not get put up. So they need to be treated as publishers, and their section 230 protections need to be revoked. If given they can show themselves to be a free speech platform later, then it can be reinstated. Also I believe they would fall under antitrust laws, and ergo would need to be broken up.”

Do you believe abortions should be outlawed?

“All forms, a child would be afforded the same rights and protections of any given person at conception. We must also repeal or supersede all contradictory prolife laws. If these themselves cannot be done on the federal level. The States should ignore Roe v. Wade, ignore the courts, and do the right thing by the doctrine of the lesser magistrate.”

What are three things that are at the forefront of your agenda? In other words, what are three things that plaque your state that you want to get to work on fixing on day 1?

“Abortion, Abortion, Abortion. Until the issue of life is resolved, the issues of liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are empty. That’s not to say I can’t walk and chew gum at the same time, I am currently circulating a Ballot Initiative Petition to abolish all property taxes from the state of Arkansas,” The Pastor exclaimed.

Have you received any support from the state GOP?

“I have made some friends certainly, but no, no one from the state GOP has endorsed me. I will say Sarah Jo Reynolds has been a great help navigating the politics of the state while still remaining impartial.”

Would you vote to impeach Joe Biden? If so, please explain.

“ABSOLUTELY, not just for Afghanistan, but the contents of his son’s, Hunter, laptop. There are some troubling things that are there. I would also impeach the Joint Chief, the Secretary of Defense, along with those whose incompetence led to the loss of personnel, property, and American pride,” Pastor Loftis finished.


To learn more about Pastor Heath Loftis and his campaign for U.S. Senate (AR) or to donate, please visit his website.

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