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Throughout my journey of contacting these Conservative candidates from across the country, I’ve had the opportunity to speak with some amazing Americans. Mark Robertson is one of those individuals.

Mr. Robertson is a retired Army Colonel that’s running for Congress in Nevada’s 3rd district. An Army veteran, family man and Conservative, what could be better than that?

Here is my exclusive interview with Mark Robertson…

Can you take a moment to tell my readers a little about yourself?

“I served in the Army for 30 years. I enlisted as a Private at age 17 and retired as a Colonel.  I’ve deployed to ten foreign countries, including combat tours in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Kuwait. I’m the only candidate for CD-3 who has lived in the district since before it was even formed. I’m a fiscal conservative who holds an MBA in finance. I know how the economy works and I know how to balance a budget. I’m a husband (of 39 years), a working-father, grandfather, business owner and Bronze-Star decorated War Veteran. When I enlisted in the Army, I swore an oath to “support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies.” I honor that oath still today.  People can learn more about me atwww.RobertsonForCongress.com,” Mark told me.

Robertson being a retired Army Colonel, I wanted to get his take on the disastrous situation in Afghanistan.

“I support the decision to leave Afghanistan.  We should have left ten years ago.  However, the catastrophically bad decision to close Bagram before evacuating all Americans may be the single biggest blunder in all military history.  Look at the consequences of that decision. (Consequences that Biden says he knew would happen because “they were inevitable”).  Closing Bagram took away NATO’s center of power in the Country.  It demoralized the Afghan security forces by sending a message that we are abandoning them.  It doomed hundreds of civilians to be stranded in a country now ruled by terrorists.  It left world-class military facilities and equipment to the Taliban.  By leaving in the middle of the night without notifying the Afghan Government, it delegitimized the government.  What was Biden’s response?  He blamed the Afghan government whom he delegitimized.  He blamed the Afghan security forces whom he demoralized. He blamed US Military leaders whom he commands.  He blamed civilians whom he claims do not want to leave Afghanistan. He blamed President Trump who has been out of office for seven months.   It appears that Biden will not allow any “buck” to stop with him,” The Colonel told me.

How do you think the situation should have been handled?

As I said, we should have left ten years ago when we killed Bin Laden.  I personally witnessed immense corruption at all levels of the Afghan government.  I knew at the time that we should  not spend one more borrowed dollar or one more drop of American blood in Afghanistan.  No one should have been surprised that the Afghan security forces wouldn’t fight for their despicable leaders.  We should have kept Bagram Air Base open until we evacuated all Americans and those who supported us.  Bagram Air Base was more secure than Fort Knox (I’ve been to both multiple times).  We should have removed or destroyed the weapons that are now in the hands of the Taliban.  Keeping Bagram open would have given us leverage over the Taliban.  Biden surrendered all of this to them,Mr. Robertson said.

What are you most passionate about in the world of politics?

We must stop the Democrat-Socialist agenda!  History has shown us that Socialism has failed over and over.  Under socialism, people lose freedoms, prosperity, and hope.  The only people who benefit from socialism are the “Elites”.  Just look at North Korea, Venezuela, China, Russia, and any other place that has forced socialism on its people.  The very few at the top grow rich while the people suffer.  We must reverse this slide into socialism and return to conservative values that promote freedom, family and prosperity,The Colonel told me.

What made you want to get into the gritty world of Politics?

“I do not like the head-long dive into socialism that Democrats are taking us. We have got to break their monopoly of power in Washington DC. I can no longer sit back and hope that someone else does something. I want to continue to fight for our country. I want my children and grandchildren to have the same freedoms and opportunities that I had,” Robertson said.

Mark Robertson – Why I’m Running for Congress

I’m running for Congress to support families, protect freedoms, promote prosperity and restore the checks and balances established in our Constitution. Toget…

What makes you a better representative than Susie Lee?

“Three things: (1) I live in the District. Susie Lee has never lived in CD-3. My wife and I raised our family in this district. I owned a business in CD-3. We have worked, played, shopped, served, and worshiped in this district ever since it was formed. I will be accountable to the people of CD-3 because they are my friends and neighbors. (2) I have international experience serving in ten foreign countries. I was part of the US Delegation to the Global Coalition Against Daesh (ISIS). I’m prepared on day one to address the global complexities facing Congress. (3) I’ve been assigned to the Pentagon working on National policy. I’ve taught at UNLV and at the National Defense University. I have an MBA. I understand how the economy works and how Congress can return our country to the conservative values that have made us the greatest country in history,” says Mark Robertson.

Do you believe social media giants such as Facebook, Google and Twitter are actively censoring Conservatives? If so, what should be done about it?.

“Yes, they are. Anyone who is paying attention can see the extreme socialist-democrat bias in Facebook, Google, and Twitter. How is it that these tech giants can provide terrorists, such as the Taliban a voice, while censoring a former President of the United States? It is outrageous! As a Representative of the people of Nevada, I will support legislation which removes section 230 protection from these companies. I will also look to break up these monopolies which restrict free speech,” Mark said.

What are three things that are at the forefront of your agenda? In other words, what are three things that plaque your state that you want to get to work on fixing on day 1?

(1) Water!  Nevada and other western States are experiencing a 20-year drought.  Lake Powell and Lake Mead are at historic lows.  As a Representative of Nevada, I will join the Western States Caucus and work with others to implement solutions such as desalinating ocean water so that California doesn’t need Colorado River water for agriculture.  (2) Secure our borders!  This is a matter of national security.  We, the People, must decide who comes into our country.  We must enforce immigration laws, finish building the wall; Use electronic surveillance to monitor the border;  Keep people in Mexico as we consider their claims.  Finally, we should immediately deport anyone who is in our country illegally. (3) Education!  The United States is only 25th in the world in Math, Science, and Reading.  We need to give parents the freedom to choose which education option is best for their child.  This might be public, private, co-op, magnet, charter, or home schooling.  Education funds should follow the child.  Competition will drive innovation and improvement in our schools,” The Colonel explained.

Have you received any support from the state GOP?

Yes. We have coordinated with the State and Country GOP on our campaign. We intend to work together with the GOP and other Republican Candidates on “Get Out the Vote” efforts,says Mark Robertson.

Would you vote to impeach Joe Biden? If so, please explain.

“There is certainly enough evidence to make a compelling case for impeachment. Biden has repeatedly and intentionally lied to the American people about what is happening in Afghanistan. He encouraged the Afghan President to lie to the world about conditions in Afghanistan. He knowingly and intentionally violated his oath to support the Constitution by extending an eviction moratorium, even after publicly acknowledging that it would not be legal. Impeaching Biden is a scary proposition knowing that Kamala Harris would become President. Although I believe Biden has passed Jimmy Carter as the worst president in my lifetime, I fear that Kamala Harris might be even worse. As a Representative of the people of Nevada’s CD-3, I would do my constitutional duty to consider all evidence and the consequences of impeachment before making a final decision,” Robertson said.


To learn more about Mark Robertson and his campaign for Nevada’s 3rd congressional district or to donate, please visit his website.

I am officially endorsing Mark Robertson for the Congress!

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