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Jeopardy announced a few weeks ago that Jeopardy producer, Mike Richards would become the new full-time host of the longtime trivia show, but that didn’t end up lasting very long. In fact, it only took about a week for internet sleuths to unearth comments from the producer’s former radio show that was disgusting and disturbing, to say the least.

Richards’s comments range from absolutely sexist, especially when referring to women on his past radio show, and sometimes even racist. The former producer, who rose to the role in 2019 after signing a deal with Sony to become a producer of Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy even asked coworkers sexual questions that made them feel uncomfortable.

Looking back now, there is no excuse, of course, for the comments I made on this podcast and I am deeply sorry,” Mike Richards said regarding his comments. “The podcast was intended to be a series of irreverent conversations between longtime friends who had a history of joking around. Even with time, it’s more than clear that my attempts to be funny and provocative were not acceptable, and I have removed the episodes. My responsibilities today as a father, husband, and a public personality who speaks to many people through my role on television means I have substantial and serious obligations as a role model, and I intend to live up to them.”

This ultimately leads the Richards to step down as host and the show stating that the search would continue for a new main host. Interestingly enough, a source from the Hollywood reporter seems to claim that former Jeopardy champion, Ken Jennings is the new favorite to take over hosting duties. That is unless something happens that causes that to change.

Keep in mind that former big bang theory alum, Mayim Malik, was also named as a host for special jeopardy events, but is facing the scrutiny of her own over past statements. The problem stems from her parenting book, beyond the sling” where the former Big bang theory star claimed that she and her husband decided not to vaccinate their two children, but cautioned that the move came after a lot of research

We made an informed decision not to vaccinate our children,” she wrote in the book. “This is a very personal decision that should be made only after sufficient research, which today is within reach of every parent who seeks to learn about their child’s health regardless of their medical knowledge or educational status.

Although her decision as a parent should have been respected because she is a neuroscientist, her detractors have used this to prove she is unfit for the role of special host. the problem with that thinking is that she later came out in an interview in 2020, where she claimed that she wasn’t anti-vax and was just holding off on her children’s vaccine due to allergy issues.

I have never, not once, said that vaccines are not valuable, not useful, or not necessary—because they are,” she said. “I received a ton of negative press about this and to be quite honest, most of it was inaccurate. The internet jury decided I was a danger to my children, a disgrace to science, and a member of the Hollywood elite responsible for the killing of babies.

What’s really sad about all this is the fact that fans who claim to love the show of jeopardy seem to be digging up dirt on any named host that they don’t agree with on a personal level. Now, none of this is to say that Richard’s comments weren’t disgusting or completely out of line, but it is funny that they didn’t become a problem until he was up for the role of Jeopardy host.

In the end, Jeopardy will air new episodes with a new line of guest hosts for the time being and while that will satiate the public mob, for now, they might just go back at it if an unwanted host is picked for the role. Now, sources indicate that it’s Jenning’s role to lose, but who knows what will be dug up on him if he somehow ends up landing the role? Will fans ever be happy with a new host? Let us know in the comments below!

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