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Today’s focal piece is on a gentleman out of South Dakota. His name is Mark Mowry. He is a Conservative running for U.S. Senate in the beautiful state of South Dakota. I was able to speak with him and get to know more about himself and his candidacy.

I asked what a “Senator” Mark Mowry’s first 100-days would look like.

“Upon arriving in DC I will be getting oriented with the environment, both physical and political. I expect to be approached by many of my colleagues along with staffers, lobbyists, and associates so that I can be welcomed and sized up.”

“I will discern those among my colleagues and staffers those who are committed to the overall good for America First, and I will skirt the lobbyists and associates because it’s time that the business of government was conducted in the open instead of being a dubious extension of shuffling around behind the scenes,” Mark explained to me.

No matter what cable news channel you watch or what talking head you listen to, everyone has a top list of things that are damaging our country. Some say, “climate change,” some say “debt.” So I wanted to see what Mark’s top issues (besides COVID-19) are that our country faces, and how we could start fixing them. His answer was spot on.

Our economy is artificial. We need to rein in the mad gallop toward fiscal ends that conclude with no GNP to represent real value. Our national identity is being obscured and belittled in the name of inclusivity and globalism.”

“We the People need to stand up and speak out at every level where we detect subversion and anti-American advocacy. Our civil liberties are under threat. COVID is a useful tool to anarchists, tyrants, and subversives, but it is not the only one,” Mr. Mowry told me.

When elected, how do you plan on combating the radical left Senators such as Chuck Schumer, Amy Klobuchar, Christopher Coons and others? The tactics they use to intimidate not only freshmen Congress members but especially Conservative freshmen is just nasty.

I will fight the battle for We The People through my vote, through my voice, and through my tenacity to do what’s best for my state and my nation. I can always vote “no”, and I am totally prepared to do so. I will vote “no” on bills that are far too lengthy to read in one setting or are stuffed full of pork,” Mowry exclaimed.

That last part “I will vote “no” on bills that are far too lengthy to read in one setting or are stuffed full of pork,” is so very important. We are seeing more and more of these bills being produced absolutely filled with so much “pork” that it’s physically impossible to read in enough time before having to vote on it. What do most “Republicans” do? They vote on the bill that they have not even read, and the parts of the bill they were able to glance at, they see it has NOTHING to do with the issue. Yet, they vote yes.

I wanted to know his thoughts about the experimental COVID-19 vaccine. Mark was very open about that, which I appreciated.

I have not taken the vaccine. I will pass on the option to take it. I leave it to others to choose for themselves and for their family members. I do not advocate any of the vaccines, and I believe that the COVID pandemic has been completely mishandled by WHO, CDC, and the multi-national health industry,” Mark said.

Democratic Congressional leaders (since they’re the majority) have stripped as number of freedoms inside the chambers such as second amendment rights and mandating masks. We’ve seen Patriots such as Lauren Boebert and others defy these authoritarian orders. Would you do the same?

I applaud those who maintain their Constitutional freedoms, especially at the risk of censure and threat. May God give me and all those who object to unlawful authoritarianism the courage to stand for our convictions,” Mr. Mowry completed.

It was a pleasure speaking with Mark Mowry. I think he would be a perfect fit in the U.S. Senate for his state of South Dakota. We need to remove RINO’s such as John Thune and replace them with Constitutionalist Conservative Republicans such as Mr. Mowry.

To learn more about Mark Mowry and his campaign for U.S. Senate for South Dakota or to donate please visit his website.

You can also like him on Facebook.

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