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This is the first of many of what I call a “focal piece,” where I choose a Congressional candidate that is not in the spotlight as much, whether that be the US Senate or The House of Representatives and shine a light on what makes them a good fit for their position.

With the 2022 midterm elections right around the corner, I feel it is crucial that we all – as a Country – vote in the RIGHT people for the job. I lean Conservative, as many of my readers do too. So I am highlighting GOP candidates only.

For the first article in the “ 2022 midterm headquarters” I chose to speak with Jen Banwart. I found her when I was researching candidates who were running for Richard Burr’s US Senate seat for the state of North Carolina.

I was extremely intrigued by her campaign site – specifically her stances and fresh take on not only running for office, but also how to improve that process.

Jen – a former U.S. Defense Department employee – is financing her own campaign. She is not accepting any donations. That really stood out to me. She made the choice to run for office, so she is bearing the brunt of that decision. That’s called accountability, something that is sorely lacking in Washington.

“So, I am going to finance my own campaign to meet the $5,000 required to file for candidacy. Beyond that, I will not be taking donations from anyone, instead asking for commitments of votes. I hope that my run will encourage others to get involved in local, state, and federal politics. It’s possible!” Jen states on her campaign site.

Jen also believes in transparency, in fact, she uploads a new VLOG every week on her run for U.S. Senate.

“Each week, I will be sharing a video log (VLOG) on social media to make running as transparent and simple as possible.  I hope you will tune in and be inspired to participate in a future election.  It’s possible!” says Jen.

Thankfully, I was able to talk to Jen Banwart and learn more about her great candidacy.

I’ve covered the 2020 election outcome extensively here since the day after, November 4th, 2020. I can irrefutably say that the election was stolen from President Trump. Now, I’m not going to get into all that here, but I did ask Jen her thoughts on that and the current administration.

It is the job of U.S. Senators to work with each other and with other departments, agencies, and the White House to pass good and needed legislation for their state and for the country. Acting on personal feelings about people, personalities, and events bygone does not serve to benefit anyone, and the resulting political theater is a waste of taxpayer time and money. If Congress is unable to legislate, we have a President in place who is very comfortable acting unilaterally by invoking executive power which usurps the purpose and role of Congress,” said Jen.

“Where Congress has been unable to disambiguate or pass well-written and clearly worded law, the buck has been instead passed to the Supreme Court to legislate via legal interpretation – which again leaves me wondering why we don’t expect our Representatives and particularly our Senators to do their jobs. In short, regardless of my feelings about a current or past political figure or my peers in the Senate or any other personality needed to achieve my objectives, I will uphold my responsibility to North Carolinians, act as a professional, and do my job,” Jen explained.

As you can see, that is about the best answer a candidate could give. She isn’t willing to play the political games that we have become too familiar with. The “I’m not on your team, you’re not on mine so we can’t play together” sort of thinking. “Bipartisan,” a word that is still often used, but means very little nowadays.

Another topic I’ve written about extensively here on the site, COVID-19 and the vaccine. I asked Jen what her stance was on the whole state of COVID-19, the vaccine and mandates.

As I’ve stated in town halls, and considering current circumstances (which changes constantly), I believe that COVID decision making (including vaccination guidance) should remain at the state level,” Jen continued.

Should we encounter a time where we have a national shortage of supplies/equipment/vaccines, where COVID illness and deaths are not sustainable within states, or where COVID illness and deaths have a substantial and demonstrable impact on interstate commerce/critical supply chains/other matters of national security, it is more than appropriate (and there is precedent for) the federal government to intervene and establish guidance for states and citizens,” Jen told me.

I wanted to get a little more personal with the COVID-19 vaccine and Jen obliged.

“I am vaccinated (and have had no related issues). I also had the opportunity to volunteer at a COVID vaccination clinic, and never witnessed anyone have any issues with the vaccine, nor heard anecdotally about anyone having problems with the vaccine. All of this is documented on my campaign Facebook page,” said Jen.

One of the most concerning aspects of the COVID-19 vaccine is that it seems to be turning into a requirement and not a choice. I asked Jen about her stance on mandating the vaccine and here is what she had to say.

At this point, I defend anyone’s right to choose whether the vaccine is appropriate for them, but I also believe it is necessary to balance individual freedom with public health concerns. In other words, if you were a college student, I would defend your choice not to be vaccinated, but I would also defend a university’s right to offer you virtual coursework from your home or to require you wear a mask on campus. You, as a private citizen, would have the right at that point to choose one of the options provided, or to seek another higher learning setting that offered the setting and opportunity you feel is appropriate.” Jen responded.

I wanted to know what “Senator” Jen Banwart would do in her first 100 days in office.

I absolutely have thoughts about what I’d like to accomplish in my first 100 days.  But, I don’t feel comfortable releasing those to a broader audience through a media lens – it’s something I’m most comfortable sharing in my words and in its entirety on my website or in-person with North Carolinians.  Beyond the desire to deliver my own message, the candidate process has swiftly made me aware of the importance of protecting intellectual property,” Jen continued.

All of this said, I expect to be rolling out something in the early fall and will be certain that you receive a copy – and I will be more than happy to talk about it and answer any questions after that.  If you are looking for something more immediate, my policy priorities are contained on the front page of my website – and I am happy to walk through them or send a short email explaining further if you are interested.” Jen told me.

In closing, I’d like to reiterate that I am more than happy to answer any policy questions that you have – and as others can attest, I’m quite candid and forthcoming,” Jen explained.

To expand a little more on Jen’s priorities, I wanted to include the “Political Prioritization” chart above. Jen designed it herself as a way to clearly lay out her priorities; “I designed the Political Prioritization as a way for constituents to quickly understand my priorities and strategy for strengthening America,” Jen explains on her campaign site.

I completely understand how hard it is to run a campaign. So Jen not revealing all of her policy ideas too early is not only common practice but also common sense. I was delighted to speak with Jen Banwart. She is very down to earth, and seems to be exactly what we need more of in Washington.

To learn more about Jen Banwart and her campaign for U.S. Senate for North Carolina please visit her website.

Stay tuned to for more exclusive interviews with candidates in the 2022 midterm election!

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