Breaking Now: Sidney Powell hits GA SOS with a FOIA request for Zoom call1 minute read

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Moments ago independent council to the President Sidney Powell hit the Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger with a FOIA request for the Zoom call that occurred today with the electors.

And so it starts! I reported earlier today that Powell would be filing a lawsuit in Georgia tomorrow, the 25th of November.

What could be on that call? Could it be damning? I think we will be finding out very soon. This is just the beginning. Sidney Powell will be dropping bombs for the remaining of the year, I believe.

MAGA Twitter users are very happy with this news.

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Stay strong @SidneyPowell1 We are with you🇺🇸

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He’s screwed….

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After this, you need be the Attorney General of the United States.

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We’re praying for you. Finish them all

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