Packers HOF QB Brett Favre announces he is voting for Trump1 minute read

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Former Green Bay Packer and NFL Hall of Fame Quarterback Brett Favre announced that he is voting for Donald Trump.

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My Vote is for what makes this country great, freedom of speech & religion, 2nd Amnd, hard working tax paying citizens, police & military. In this election, we have freedom of choice, which all should respect. For me & these principles, my Vote is for @RealDonaldTrump. #Vote ☑️🇺🇸

Favre was never very political during his career. He’s from an NFL era where the athletes focused on performance instead of social justice and politics.

Favre participated in a virtual town hall last week to ask the President about politics in sports.

The endorsement is not too much of a shock. Despite Favre supporting Colin Kaepernick, he is very pro-second amendment and from a very red state in Mississippi. He even played golf with the President several months ago.

The President responded to Favre’s endorsement, thanking him.

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Such a Great Honor! Thank you, Brett!

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