Why do people joke about having OCD?2 minute read

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Let me start by saying, if you’re a regular reader of my work, then this blog is going to be very different for you. But I need to vent.

I never really get into personal things in my articles. I usually just keep it professional and stick to the topic at hand – which is generally politics. But something has been bugging me for a long time. I need to vent…

I have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder commonly referred to as “OCD”. And have had it ever since I can remember. It’s controlled many aspects of my life and prevented me from doing many things throughout my life. One of those being going to school. I had to be homeschooled due to the anxiety and OCD ticks.

This prevented me from having many friends, no real female interaction until I was in my late teens. That is something I wanted so badly that this disease took from me.

Many people think of OCD as someone who has to have everything clean – similar to the show Monk. But that’s only one small aspect and a symptom that not all people with OCD have. Myself, I don’t freak over cleanliness. My symptoms are ticks, things I have to do over and over again until my OCD is satisfied. My mind, also runs nonstop with these sort of rituals. It’s completely exhausting.

OCD is a really and serious illness. So for people without it to joke about it is extremely frustrating to me – and I’m sure the other millions of OCD sufferers as well.

Obviously, you wouldn’t joke about cancer or heart disease. So why is OCD any different?

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