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Detective Pikachu: A Welcoming Invite to a Fantastical World

Detective Pikachu is a heartwarming movie that welcomes both newcomers and longtime fans to the fantastical world of Pokémon. It is what all anime movies should strive to be.

The film is about Harry Goodman, a young twenty something year old who travels to Rhyme city after his father is killed in an accident. Harry goes to his father’s apartment to gather up his things and runs into his father’s former Pokemon partner who is a Pikachu. Together to two go on an quest to unravel the mystery surrounding Harry’s father’s death and help Pikachu recover his memories.

Harry is played by Justice Smith and Pikachu is voiced by Ryan Reynolds. The two have excellent chemistry and help turn the movie into a buddy cop like film. Smith is reluctant to team up with Pikachu and deal with his father’s untimely death, but he ends up growing throughout the film and learns to love Pokemon again. Pikachu is a sarcastic, caffine addicted detective with amnesia and Reynolds plays him with his characteristic charm. The supporting cast is great as well with Kathryn Newton’s Lucy Stevens being a wondeful choice as a struggling journalistic intern trying to unravel the mystery and get the scoop.

The world that the movie makes is what every kid that grew up with Pokemon dreamed of. The excellent animation brought these creatures to life and captured their cute and mysterious existence in a world with humans. It is a believable place filled with wonder. It will make you smile.

The set pieces are great and action packed and the dialogue is written very well. The movie flew by in a flash because it was so immersive. It was a joy to watch.

Detective Pikachu is an excellent welcome to summertime movies.