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Illegal immigration isn’t the number one problem facing the USA? Actually, it is.

I beg to differ...

I recently had a debate with my coworker – who is also a Trump supporter- about the biggest problem that our country faces. She said it was healthcare. I immediately disagreed. Though, I do think healthcare is a big problem that needs to be fixed. It’s just not the number one issue.

She thinks the citizens of each state should contribute a certain amount – the example she used was $100 a month. Which would go into a fund of sorts that only elected citizens would distribute when a citizen needs medical care. That’s sounds great on paper. But I have some problems with that.

1. This is basically Medicare for all. Meaning the HUGE sum of money would need to come from somewhere. From taxes most likely. Personally, I wouldn’t want to have to pay for some guy to get a sex change. Or for someone to get devil horns put into his head to look like the devil. Or even, for a woman to get breast implants. Now, I’d be happy to put money into a pot WHEN I CAN AFFORD IT to go towards an underprivileged child getting a new heart or something like that.

2. But who would run it? Elected officials? Well, quite honestly, I don’t trust my government to take MORE of my money and dole it out responsibly. Just look what they’ve done in the Middle East wars.

3. Health care was fine before President Obama stepped in and made it mandatory for everyone to have Obama-care. If they didn’t have it, they’d have to pay a fine of up to $5,000. This made it impossible for health insurance companies to compete. Well, why not just get Obama-care? Well, Obama-care isn’t accepted by many doctors. Get rid of the affordable care act and let the insurance companies compete – that’s called capitalism, and it actually works – and more people will have insurance they can afford and actually use.

Now onto my illegal immigration argument.

It’s estimated that up to 80% of the southern border is unprotected or only protected by actual guards. And MUCH of the current “barrier” that is up on the border are extremely worn down, broken down to the point of the illegal aliens being able to simply climb or jump the fencing. That is why we need the wall. Every nation deserves its sovereignty.

According to Homeland Security, over sixty-six thousand migrants illegally crossed our southern border in February alone. That’s more than 2,300 per day and the most in any month in over a decade.

Many of those migrants are taking advantage of our asylum program by claiming false asylum. According to the Daily Signal fact check, roughly 80% of the asylum cases that are presented to the immigration court system are false. So the argument that the liberals like to make: “they are under threat and in imminent danger so we must let them in” is simply false. Thanks to President Trump, many of the asylum seekers will be sent back to Mexico until their court date in the USA. Before, the seeker would simply be caught, then released into the USA with orders to appear in court – which sometimes is 2-3 years away. So, of course, the migrant doesn’t show up to the court date and ends of staying in the country illegally.

Well, how is that affected me? Well, according to a study done by FairUS – a government agency – illegal immigrants cost the US taxpayers somewhere between 11 BILLION to 22 BILLION dollars a year!

Excerpt from their study: Each year, state governments spend an estimated $11 billion to $22 billion to provide welfare to immigrants.3 Those programs include Temporary Assistance to Needy Families, Child Care and Development Fund, reduced meal programs in school and public housing.

Of course, this means higher taxes, higher national debt, fewer jobs for American citizens because they’re taken by illegals and not to mention the lives we lose at the hands of illegal immigrants.

Here is a detailed list of serious crimes – including murder – that have been committed by illegal immigrants.

Do you want to talk about healthcare? Who do you think pays for an emergency room visit for an illegal immigrant if they can’t pay themselves? The hospital ends up eating the cost. Which means, eventually, raising the prices to cover the cost of those people not paying. You see, when a citizen doesn’t pay their hospital bill, it goes to collection, then goes onto your credit. So in one way or another, the citizen will pay. But with a person who is in this country illegally, they don’t have “credit”. Meaning, they never have to pay and again, the hospital eats it. If enough of that happens, the prices go up. It’s how every business works.

What about the poor children? You can’t turn them away!

Sadly, the people who smuggle drugs over the border – often called ‘Coyotes’ – have recently started to bring woman and children along with them in their almost 2,000-mile trip despite the children not even being theirs. Often, the women and children are taken against their will because the coyotes know that the US law is far less likely to send back a “family”. Sadly, 80% of those women and girls are raped by the Coyotes on their journey to the US-Mexico border.

Oh, and I forgot to mention much of the drugs that pour into our streets and kill millions of Americans come from being smuggled across our border by illegal crossings.

This is a crisis. Any way you want to spin it. This affects every American Whether they want to admit it or not. It’s not fair to the immigrants who are trying to enter the country the right way using the legal process. And it’s not fair to the American taxpayers.