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The year told by our articles | Best headlines of 2018

It’s become a yearly tradition for us to do a compilation of the best and biggest headlines of the year before New Years. Without a long drawn out introduction, here are this year’s best RealNSE articles.

The real story behind President Trump’s alleged “shit hole” comment

Declassified Nunes memo shows devastating abuse of FISA warrant

Gun Control Debate: Authorities missed last four mass-shootings despite being warned

I’m NOT with President Trump on this one…

I’m tired of the war on pain management patients

WATCH: Obama admits he’s from Kenya

The Infowars & Alex Jones ban should concern everyone

Open letter to politicians regarding the possible schedule 1 ban on Kratom

Social media giants aren’t targeting conservatives? This says differently.

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough uses 9/11 anniversary to bash President Trump | Bigger threat than terrorism

#ThemToo? Why are Democrats ignoring abuse allegations in their own party?

Twitter doesn’t like my opinion | I’m Shadow banned

Khabib Nurmagomedov should be stripped of the title

The caravan migrants are not welcome in this country

Unbelievable: Hillary Clinton on black people: “they call all look-alike”

The United States should not be policing Saudi Arbia over Khashoggi killing

We hope you a very prosperous and safe 2019!