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Here’s the Democrats plan when taking over the House in 2019

Subpoenas, Investigations, Impeachment

This past Tuesday the Democrats finally seized back the power they so desperately craved by taking back the House of Representatives. We’ve heard a lot about what the Dems would do if they took back the House. Those always included Healthcare at the forefront. Followed by climate change, equal rights ETC. Now that the Democrats have the power back, they could do all of those things. But more importantly they want to investigate, subpoena, investigate and impeach President Trump. Here’s what they’ll be working on come January 20, 2019.

    • Subpoena Donald Trump’s tax records from the past 10 years. Investigate those records for anything suspicious or Russia-like. If they can’t find anything, they’ll subpoena 10 more years of Trump’s tax records.


    • President Trump will then fight the subpoena.


    • Dems attempt to pass strict gun control laws and possible bans.


    • They pass the DREAM act and grant millions of illegals amnesty.


    • Subpoena and investigate ANYONE close to President Trump. Including possibly Donald Trump JR., Ivanka Trump, Melania Trump, Roger Stone, Alex Jones, Jerome Corsi and others.


    • Democrats will start working on their “Medicare for all“. Which means passing higher tax rates.


    • The case goes to the United States Supreme Court. There it will be denied with Justice Brett Kavanaugh being the deciding vote.


    • They file impeachment articles for the removal of Justice Brett Kavanaugh.


    • Open an investigation into Kavanaugh’s past with no time limit.


    • Subpoena President Trump’s phone records, tweets, direct messages, texts, e-mails for the past 20 years.


  • Files impeachment articles to remove President Trump from office.

Get ready for non-stop investigations, subpoenas, slow-walking ALL of President Trump’s America-first agenda. Basically, the House of Representatives will all be working for the Special Counsel Robert Mueller. Nothing will get done. The only pieces of legislation that will be coming out of the House is going to be radical liberal agendas. Those will go onto the Senate, where the Republicans will vote “NAY” on the liberal agenda bills. They’ll be too focuses on obstructing President Trump’s agenda and stalling his historic progress to get anything of any value done. Such as infrastructure, lower taxes, more jobs, the economy, the homelessness problem across California, or any other issue this great Country is facing. Are you ready?