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Democrats reportedly want Hillary Clinton to just go away

Hillary, just go away!

Members of the Democratic Party are getting fed up with the 2016 Democratic Presidential nominee. They’re reportedly asking Hillary to stay out of the limelight, at least until after the midterm election.

Now, let me give you my theory on why that is… I think it’s because this new angle the Democrats are going with is the “#MeToo” movement. They desperately need female voters. After the 2016 election white female voters went in droves to Donald Trump and the GOP.

The Democrats are known for having the black vote locked down. But that’s changing. We actually have a President in office who cares about the black community and it’s showing through his economic growth and eliminating job killing Obama-regulations.

The black unemployment rate is at historic lows. More blacks are working than ever before. The President’s approval rating has doubled with the black community. That terrifies the Democrats. The black vote is their meal ticket.

The Democrats have always been the party for minorities. That’s no longer really working with the booming Trump-Economy. So they’re moving to woman. With someone like Hillary Clinton out campaigning for the Democrats, it doesn’t looks good. I mean her husband (Bill) is a known abuser of woman! He’s even settled a rape case.

This just shows how dirty and low the Democrats are willing to go to try and take back power. Exploit blacks for their vote, promising to help them and fight for them. Then forget about them after the election. Now, going after woman, trying desperately to get their vote, while they harbor the wife of a known sexual abuser.