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Caravan traveler reveals alarming violent history and reasoning for coming to US

Charged with attempted murder.

Update: Added video thanks to Barb!

During this mornings Fox and Friends, reporter Griff Jenkins spoke with one of the travelers in the caravan that’s set to cross the US-Mexico border very soon. The reporter asked him why is he trying to enter the United States. What the man revealed is very alarming.

What the media is painting as a “asylum seeker” is anything but. The man says that he is leaving Honduras because his step-son was murdered back home. But that is not all he revealed. He also stated that he was convicted for attempted murder in the United States.

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According to him, his goal is to get to the United States and work out his charges. He hopes to stay out of prison, get a job and “just work”.

This shows just how right President Trump is, again! Last week at a rally in Texas, President Trump said: “In that caravan you have some very bad people”. Of course, the liberal media called this “baseless claims”. Now, it is clear that there is in fact criminals in the caravan group.

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