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“What do she stand to gain?” Christine Blasey Ford raises $425,000

She’s pretty wealthy now.

The left’s key argument when members of the right say things like “this is a political hit-job” is “well why would she do it?” “What does she stand to gain?”

Well it’s now clear what she IS gaining besides her 15 minutes of fame and a possible book deal. And that’s almost a half of a million dollars.

A GoFundMe page was created 7 days ago by someone called “Team Christine Blasey Ford”. The current amount raised $430,394 of their $150,000 goal.

A lot of the donors on the list seem to be regular everyday people, but there’s also quite a bit of large donations that were done anonymously. George Soros? Clinton?

During the hearing today Christine was asked how she will be paying for the travels, time off work, lawyers ETC. And she brought up the GoFundMe that was started. She said “I haven’t checked it, so I don’t know”. Furthermore Ford’s legal team said they are both doing this pro-bono. So what’s all that money for?