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Social media giants aren’t targeting conservatives? This says differently.

Conservatives are being censored.

The left is still celebrating their “victory” that Alex Jones was banned from Twitter. Jack Dorsey – CEO of Twitter, was the last social media giant to ban Infowars’ Alex Jones. After taking harsh criticism from members of the left, Jack finally gave in.

During the hearings that took place Thursday on Capital Hill, Jones ran into CNN’s Oliver Darcy. Darcy – who literally pressured Facebook into banning Infowars and Alex Jones from their platform, was there covering the hearing. Jones on the other hand, was out for blood. A frustrated Alex Jones was there not to testify, not to cover the Senate hearing on tech censorship, but to crash it! And get as much exposure as possible while doing it. And I must say, mission accomplished. Jones has been on the mainstream news cycle ever since, and traffic to Infowars.com has went way up according to the analytics he showed in a video.

People on the left – including the Liberal news outlet “The Young Turks”, are saying that Jones deserved to be banned citing it was a long time coming and he’s lucky didn’t happen sooner.

In that clip, Cenk Uygur mocks Conservatives for saying they’re being censored and targeted by these social media companies. Others also think it’s ridiculous to think that these companies have a biased towards Conservatives. But it’s pretty easy to see the HUGE hypocrisy being displayed.

Remember when TYT reporter Anna Kasparian literally called for violent riots? After that happened, their channel was not banned and is in fact featured by YouTube.

Or what about when she called Alex Jones a “fat fuck”?

Liberal New York Times reporter Sarah Jeong tweeted how she hates white people, made the hashtag “#cancelwhitepeople”, called Trump Hitler and how she enjoys being “cruel to old white men”. She still has her Twitter account.

The amazing fact is Candice Owens – a black Conservative, tweeted the same thing as Jeong but changed white people to Jewish people, she was banned but Jeong was not.

James Devine – a Democratic strategist, started “#huntrepublicans” years ago, not only does he still have his Twitter account, but the tweet is still up.

James Devine on Twitter

We are in a war with selfish, foolish & narcissistic rich people. Why is it a shock when things turn violent? #HuntRepublicanCongressmen

Actor Ron Pearlman has tweeted a number of viscous remarks about President Trump. And still has his account.

Ron Perlman on Twitter

Sorry I called him a douchbag. What I meant to say was rapist, racist, deadbeat, Lilly-livered coward, low-life, slumlord, loud, boorish, boring, pig. And I reserve the right to get back to u later with the rest. https://t.co/eF1meJ4BmH

Ron Perlman on Twitter

Whuddya call a little bitch who deliberately says shit to cause his inbred followers send death threats to law-abiding Americans, hears about the death threats, and then does it again and again? Ya call the little bitch mr potus. You do. Not me.

If you simply type the hashtag #killtrump or #fucktrump on Twitter, thousands of tweets will come up. Some from weeks ago that have not even been taken down.

Remember when Bow Wow sent a tweet threatening to “pimp out” First Lady Melania Trump? He still has his account.

This one has been up since January of this year. The user also tweets almost everyday anti-white, anti-America “hate-speech”.

L.A on Twitter


What about all these? All of the users are still on Twitter…

MoneyMakinMarkus??StackMoney?DaCartel??? on Twitter

Look at this Cracker @realDonaldTrump ???Fuck Him #KillTrump https://t.co/PxCA7RxokV

judge death on Twitter

Hay @jack when are you going to remove anti white hate off your platform #VerifiedHate https://t.co/oSX13L8Fm1

Vegan Wizard on Twitter

I’ve never seen so many grown ass crybabies in my life. Unbelievable lmao.

Raymond Zwane on Twitter

@realDonaldTrump Can’t say it better….???

Senior Buzzfeed writer:

Lara Parker on Twitter

Straight white men are the worst, tbh

(((Dan Hodges))) on Twitter

For those who keep tweeting this to me, and for the avoidance of any doubt, I am indeed a racist, I despise all white people and myself.

There was an account that went by @meme_america that was recently suspended. Their tweets were literally only screenshots and retweets of verified accounts that spread hate. It was called “#verifiedhate”. Twitter banned their account for “spreading hate-speech”. Think about that for a moment… all they were doing was reposting tweets from VERIFIED accounts. The original posters don’t get banned, but the retweeter does? You can view a HUGE archive of their retweets here. Some of the tweets have been deleted (those are still archived) but the accounts are still active.

How are these verified accounts still up? Believe me I understand that Twitter can’t ban or delete all of the so called “hate-speech”, but why is it that it always seems to be just Republicans or Conservatives?