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Cobra Kai – YouTube Original – Karate Kid reboot REVIEW

Was this an actual successful reboot?

I have finished the Karate Kid YouTube reboot. And this is my review…

As many, I wasn’t expecting much. It seems any reboot these days is always a miserable failure. Not to mention I’ve never watch a YouTube original. But I was shocked how much I enjoyed this show.

It’s pretty crazy to see the original two cast members all this time later. William Zabka – who plays Johnny Lawrence – looks pretty much the same. But Ralph Macchio – Daniel LaRusso – looks much different. I even had to look up the credits to make sure it was still the same guy.

Not having Mr. Miyagi in the series is obviously sad. But I really liked the way they honored him. Mentioning his name and doing flash backs from the movies. I thought that was really cool.

th storyline was pretty good. Not amazing, but a mix between the  nostalgia and the story it does make for a great show. I really recommend checking it out.