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“Rowdy” Ronda Rousey Victorious in Wrestlemania debut!

Very impressive....

The huge match between Kurt Angle & Ronda Rousey vs. HHH & Stephanie just ended. I wanted to put out something quickly on my thoughts.

So many people thought Rousey would not be able to hang in the ring with veterans like Triple H, Kurt Angle and even Stephanie McMahon. But from what I saw tonight she has been putting in some hard work in the gym training. There were a few small spots that were missed like when Rousey was first tagged in and she tried to flip Stephanie over the ropes, that looked a little dirty. But the ending of the match was pretty impressive with the armbar. I think that will be here signature move going forward, which makes sense. Stephanie McMahon also looked like she trained in defensive jiu-jitsu for this fight to make it look more realistic. That was a great addition to make it all look more real.

Rousey made Stephanie McMahon tap to an armbar!

It’ll be funny to see if Stephanie shows up to Raw tomorrow in a cast or sling. Because I’m sure they’re going to try and sell that Stephanie had her arm broken by Ronda to help build her up and put her over.


More to come!!!