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The deadline has passed today for teams to teams to place a Franchise Tag or a Transitional Tag on any player, which means one thing, Kirk Cousins is officially a free agent. Many experts have stated that Cousins will land in Minnesota, that would be the more reasonable landing spot for Cousins. Minnesota is set up to make another deep run in the playoffs next year, they have the number one defense and have the weapons on offense all that they are missing is the key piece at quarterback. Reports close to the Minnesota Vikings have stated that Minnesota is set to offer Cousins a 90 million dollar contract, and if that is the case that takes the Arizona Cardinals and the Denver Broncos out of the running for Cousins service. With that being said many forget that there is one more team out there lurking in the back waiting for their chance to strike. That team is the New York Jets, they are in desperate need of a Quarterback and will do whatever it takes to get their guy. The Jets have not had a Franchise quarterback since Mark Sanchez, and they thought the missing piece was with Geno Smith but that project failed miserably. Many reports say that the Jets will go all in and basically throw everything but the kitchen sink at Cousins with an estimated contract of 120 million dollars, which would not surprise many because that is just what the New York Jets do.

So stay tuned and watch the sweepstakes for Kirk Cousins continue.

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My prediction Kirk Cousin will end up in Minnesota.

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