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Alex Jones offers 1,000,000 dollars to bare knuckle box CNN’s Brian Stelter

"Bare knuckles, three rounds, let's go."

During the Infowars “War Room” with Owen Shroyer, Alex Jones chimed in to offer 1,000,000$ to to charity if CNN’s Brian Stelter would get in the cage for a bare knuckle fight for three minutes.

Alex Jones: They’re now saying that I literally think Brian Stelter drinks blood. It’s metaphysical that they are parasite globalist that drink the blood of our future, that means the blood of our children.

Owen Shroyer: Would you get in a cage match with Brian Stelter?

Alex Jones : I will offer 1 million dollars – and everybody knows that we pay these contests, our previous biggest was 125,00 – I will offer 1 million dollars to charity – I’m not gonna give it to nambla or anything ya know if the other side wanted to do that – I’m offering 1 million dollars to Stelter to bare knuckles box me for three rounds in the ring. Bare knuckles, three rounds, let’s go.

Stelter has now responded directly to the challenge but he did respond to Alex Jones’ rant that on him that happend earlier on the Alex Jones show.

Brian Stelter on Twitter

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