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Netflix “Easy” series review | Season 1 & 2

Spoiler free review

Another day goes by, another Netflix series watched. I just finished the Netflix series called “Easy”, and here is my review and thoughts…

I finished a number of Netflix shows recently and have reviewed them all; including Master of None, The Punisher and Shot In The Dark, and have been extremely impressed with the productions that Netflix has done. So I’ve been more open to trying different shows and even clicking on the normally pretty random “suggestions”.

This time I selected “Easy”. Having absolutely no idea what it was about or even who was in it, I gave it a shot. It’s a very unique show, it doesn’t follow a particular storyline, but rather a group of people living in Chicago. It follows each of those people, in most cases, couples.

I really like the format. How each episode is about different people, and you have no idea what it’s going to be about. Each story Is completely different. Also it’s interesting how sometimes people from the other episodes have connections to each other. It also has some great actors in some of the episodes. Including Dave Franco, Orlando Boom, Marc Maron, Kate Micucci and others. The episodes are only a half hour, and some episodes are better than others, so I found myself wanting to see more of that story, than other new ones. Not all of the stories are great. For example the episodes with Marc Maron are kind of dull. But overall I truly enjoyed this series. I’m quite surprised that I haven’t heard of it or seen anyone talking about it.

My rating: 7/10