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“Love” Netflix series is fantastic in a weird way

Just another show about relationships?

Judd Apatow’s Netflix original series called “Love” is based on two people, a guy (Gus) and girl (Mickey). The show follows them on their journey into their new found relationship. It’s one of those shows that aren’t unique, but are very funny and have great character development. So I found myself rooting for the good guy – Gus. And yelling at the screen when Mickey continues to screw up!

Likes: the lead actor is Paul Rust – Gus, he’s a fantastically funny guy and a great actor. The same goes for Gillian Jacobs – Mickey, she’s an awkward chick that’s oddly cute and funny.

Dislikes: It only has 10 episodes for the first season, which is a Netflix usual. And come to find out Netflix did renew it for season 3, however that is it’s final season. I am so disappointed!

So overall I would definitely recommend this show for anyone who likes comedies!