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“Gun control” failed both church shooters Dylan Roof and Devin Kelley

How does our government keep failing?

In light of the horrific event at the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Devin Kelley came with his Ruger AR-556 in which he purchased in April 2016. Six years after Kelley was court marshalled while in the Air Force for beating his wife, and fracturing the skull of an infant child. He served 1 year in jail. But yet he was still able to get a gun just the same as a law abiding citizen would. The United States government says it was a “filing” error.

Now Dylan Roof’s story is a little different, but ultimately again the “gun control” that the Democrats love so much also failed. According to the FBI, Roof has a criminal record for drug possession and was a convicted felon. Therefore should not have been able to purchase the firearms to kill 9 people.

“We are all sick this happened,” said James B. Comey, the F.B.I. director. “We wish we could turn back time. From this vantage point, everything seems obvious.”

Time after time these “fool proof” gun control measures are pushed by Democrats and liberals like it’s a one fix all solution. Well it isn’t. This proves it yet again.

Are these just coincidences? Or are these “mistakes” a war on Christianity?