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Bombshell: Top secret document reveals that CIA felt “betrayed” by JFK over Cuba

"the CIA has escalated by it's own coup"

Part 1 of 2: After hours of diving into the recently released JFK assassination files, we’ve come across a quite bombshell top secret document that confirms a number of theories about the tension between President Kennedy and the CIA over the Cuban missile crisis.

“Senator Schweikez: And we were working closely with these people. So we really turned our back on our brothers, so to speak. I mean, I’m sure they felt betrayed, and we got another country to do it for us.

Senator Hart of Colorado: Pursuant to the policy reached between President Kennedy and Kruschev, Kruschev pulls the missiles out of Cuba, and Kennedy agrees that we will halt our activities to overthrow Castro. That was the arrangement.

Well, that became crystal clear to all of those people,
as Jim had said, that we had been supporting for two years or more in their efforts to overthrow Castro, but we just overnight as part or the missiles crisis, the government changed it’s policy toward Cuba in that respect 180 degrees.”

  • Less than 6 months prior to JFK being murdered, the Cuban exile groups were “very irked” at the Kennedy administration.

“After June of 1963, things became very muddled. The Cuban exile groups got very irked at the Kennedy administration’s decision to clamp down on them. They were in turn meeting in attempts to have unity, efforts to bring about their own invasion or operations against Cuba, but the Kennedy administration was trying to put the clamps on them.”

  •  Despite warnings the CIA dismissed the possibility of a U.S leader being assassinated in the United States in retaliation for the United States “putting the clamps” on Cuba.

“Subsequent to that meeting, on the 12th of September, they continued their contingency plan, and they had eliminated the possibility that Castro would retaliate by an assassination against a leader in the United States.”

  • This document also reveals that the CIA was “escalated by it’s own coup”.