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With all these allegations against President Trump and all these false reports stating that he told James Comey to ease off  the investigation on Michael Flynn and the Russian investigations, people are focused on impeaching Trump.  So as usual the liberal media is putting out all these false reports and fake news to rile up the masses that have been against President Trump from the get go. It seems like it is a witch hunt against President Trump. Now people are calling for him to be impeached because supposedly he leaked out classified information to the Russians, but how does anyone one know if that was true when the only two men in the room were President Trump, and the Russian Diplomat. The information that President Trump disclosed with the Russian Diplomat was information on counter-terrorism. So here we go with this false news and fake information just to get a story going and rile up the Liberal masses. I say we investigate the bitter James Comey for making up things about the memo, or how about  the acting Director of the FBI Andrew G MCCABE for the way he handled the Clinton email investigation. Mccabe’s wife Jill Mccabe was given 500,000$ towards her campaign by Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe , who has ties to Bill and Hillary Clinton. Jill MCCabe also received 207,788$ from the Virginia Democratic party. So having her husband Andrew McCabe Lead the Hillary Email Investigation was a little shady if you ask me. So who should really be investigated for illegal and mishandling of things is the Democratic party. They have had a problem with President Trump from day one and they will not stop until they get their way. All they show society is if you bitch and moan and feel offended by everything people will cater to you and you will get your way. Well news flash all you are doing is creating a generation of whiners and puss cakes.

The only reason people are afraid of Trump is because he is different, he is not a political puppet like past presidents. What scares them the most is that he can’t be bought. Tell me how you buy some one who has it all (I’ll wait). While the leftist media wants fill your head with fake news and propaganda and false stories about President Trump , Lets look at all the things that he has changed for the better.

1: The Economy is going up and moving along just fine now jobs are up and our economy is starting to flourish.

2: Our Borders are a lot safer and the stream of illegal immigrants has died down.

3: The stocks are at a all time high and continue to look good.

4; Bringing back the Jobs to America, like he promised to do it and he has not failed on that promise.

5: Military Respect, he has the back of our military and shows them the respect they deserved, and has increased our military budget to help us battle the fight against terrorism.

So has Trump been a little hot headed and quick to jump the gun…Yeah but he has steered this country back into the right direction and the media hates it because it is not on their agenda. In the coming days we will hear a lot of fake news and false accusations, but its up to you and me to decide what we will believe.

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God Bless you all.

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