Current mayor of St. Pete to spend $225,000 on social media1 minute read

St. Pete deserves a better mayor than this.

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The current mayor of St. Petersburg, Florida Rick Kriseman wants to spend almost a quarter of a million dollars of the tax payers money on social media marketing and claims it’s not to promote him, but rather the city of St. Pete. Really? Kriseman expects us to believe that it’s just a coincidence that he’s up for re-election this year and now all of the sudden he wants to spend all this money for promotions on Twitter, Facebook etc.

From The Tampa Bay Times: “I want to draw a bright clear line between anything that happens in the city and anything that happens in the mayor’s campaign,” Kirby said. “There is no crossing that line and none of us do it.” Added Tomalin: “There is a very distinct line between the campaign and the work of the city. And nothing related to the campaign transpires inside City Hall.”

Instead of putting money into “promotions” why not put that money into programs for the youth, or to help lower the high crime rate of St. Petersburg?

They expect us to believe this will somehow benefit St. Pete. But thankfully people are not as gullible as they once were, and the people of St. Pete have an alternative this election. And that alternative for mayor of St. Pete is Anthony Cates III.

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