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Packers Sign Superbowl Tight End Martellus Bennett

I'm A-Rod is thrilled to have another target

Hours after announcing they will be moving on from veteran tight end Jared Cook the Green Bay Packers signed Superbowl 51 champion tight end Martellus Bennett.

Bennett ranked 3rd last season among tight ends in regards to touchdowns with seven, and number sixth for yards per catch. Bennett also took over the primary roll for the New England Patriots and target for Tom Brady after Rob Gronkowski went down with an injury. He will certainly fall into the number one roll for the tight end position over Richard Rodgers and play a heavy roll in the offense for Aaron Rodgers.

The details of the contract have not been released as of yet, but as Bennett is up there in age (30) I wouldn’t be surprised if Thompson only signs him for a one year deal.