#Wikileaks #Vault7: Alex Jones proven right AGAIN | CIA Spying on us2 minute read

What until you see what he was right about.

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The Mainstream media, or Fakestream media as Alex Jones likes to call them, do nothing but laugh and poke fun at his work, whether that be a prediction of his, a bombshell story from a source he has, or just pointing out the obvious. Years ago Alex Jones on his radio show said that your cable box, webcams and smart phones are being used to spy on you. Everyone laughed and said “what is that guy on?, but now half a decade later, we actually have the proof that the CIA is spying on the American people using their own devices with spyware and hacking.

Through the God send of an establishment Wikileaks, we have now learned another corrupt aspect of our Government with the latest data dump “Vault 7”. This time it’s the CIA. Wikileaks released 8,761 confidential CIA documents that leads to a frightening rabbit hole into corruption.

We haven’t  been able to go through even half of all of these dumps, but we will. And as we go through each of them we will report back to you to keep you informed! If you have found a bombshell document inside one of the 8,761 and what to let us know, please don’t hesitate to send us an email/tip here. You do not have to use your real information, just provided detailed and accurate information and your source.

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