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The 15th season of Donald Trump’s “Apprentice” features Arnold Schwarzenegger in the roll of “the boss”. Much like where Donald Trump was at, and instead of “You’re Fired” Arnie says “You’re Terminated!” and “Get to the chopper!” after the firing. It sounds extremely cheesy but me being such a huge Arnold fan, I love it. I mean my dog’s name is Arnie after Schwarz!

The New Celebrity Apprentice Review

Before watching this season I never watched a full episode of The Apprentice. It just never caught my attention. So I won’t really be able to compare this season to any of the past ones. With that being said, I really enjoy the show. I only started watching being of Arnold, also I am a fan of Chael Sonnen, Jon Lovitz and Porsha Williams (who I didn’t know before this) is absolutely gorgeous. I really don’t watch much reality TV at all, but this is actually really funny and entertainment. It does get a bit cheesy and corny at times but I do find myself enjoying it. And I love that it’s two hours long, two people get fired an episode. I look forward to the next episodes although Chael and Porsha were both eliminated tonight. I think they will be bringing Chael back as some point this season, the way he was fired gives me a hint he will be back.

I think Schwarzenegger is doing a great job at the boss.

The New Celebrity Apprentice is on NBC Monday’s at 8 PM EST

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