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Aaron Rodgers, is riding a hot streak into the playoffs, with his Packers winning their last 9 games. Rodgers seems unstoppable right now, he can perform on any level and  even on his worst day statistically he will find a way to win the game. Aaron Rodgers have proven that he can win and improvise to win, for example last night game against the Dallas Cowboys, Rodgers had on 35  seconds left in the 4th either win the game and he deliver the setup drive for Mason Crosby to win the game. Rodgers came up with the play in the huddle and called it school yard which had Jared Cook go underneath on a drag route. Rodgers took the snap and roll out to his left and threw across his body and delivered a dagger to Jared Cook for a 35 yard pick. That play and the catch will forever live in playoff history and will forever haunt the Dallas Cowboys and their fans. As a Cowboy’s fan I was upset and pissed, but I give credit and respect to the man Aaron Rodgers, who I say now is one of the elite quarterbacks. People talk about Tom Brady  as the king of the 2 min drill or Peyton Manning who could drive down the filed and win the game in 5min or less, but Aaron Rodgers can beat you with seconds, as we saw last night all he needs is 35 seconds that is plenty of time for him to win the game. So in closing I say this if Aaron Rodgers takes his team to the superbowl and wins it all, he will go down as a sure Hall of Famer and we will witness the greatest worst to first story by a NFL team coming form 4-6 to winning the division with 10-6 and remain red hot through out the Playoffs. We want to see the battle of the 12’s. We will See a Brady vs Rodgers Super Bowl. and you will see a passing of the torch between Brady and Rodgers. watch and see.

Quote from Eagles Corner Malcom Jenkins “I’d rather play against Tom Brady, because at the end of the day I know he’s going to be 3 yards from that center and he’s not moving from that spot,””You can get after him and try and get pressure on him. He’s obviously going to still make plays.

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