Why is YouTube suppressing alternative media channels?2 minute read

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If you watch even a few alternative media or independent news YouTube channels like I do, I’m sure you’ve noticed that those channels seem to be going down in views, yet their subscriber counts keep going up. How is that? Well it’s simple, YouTube is owned by Google, and Google is well known for being really left leaning. Countless times they’ve been caught suppressing search results all throughout the election in favor for Hillary Clinton. If you don’t believe me, just look at this.

A prime example of YouTube suppression is on one of my favorite YouTubers, Brother Jim Beckwith’s End Time Prophecy News. He is a YouTuber who reads news and teaches from the bible. I started watching him about 3-4 months ago, when I found him he had around 68,000 subscribers, and almost every video he uploaded would get close to 100,000 views if not over 100,000 only after a few days of being uploaded. Now recently his subscriber count has gone up, currently at 95,509. But his views have gone way down. For example videos from a week ago only have 4-8,000 views. So tell me, how does that work? Subscribers are going way up, but views are going way down? And you can’t say his popularity is going down or quality of content is either due to the fact his sub count and like to dislike ratio is going up. The only answer is suppression.

But why are they doing this? Because they don’t like the spreading of the word of God, and the information that’s being pushed by Brother Jim and others. They want brainwashed uninformed people. The way they do it is by flooding your feed with “featured” content that they can control and pre-approve. How many times have you signed into your YouTube account just to see a bunch of videos from channels that you’ve never watched or have absolutely no interest in? Unfortunately there isn’t much we can do to combat this other than clicking the notification bell on the channels you actually want to watch and clicking “not interested” in the crap content they try and push.

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