Is Obama going to do anything for the poor people in Chicago?1 minute read

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For quite some time now the city of Chicago has been in complete ruins. Videos are coming out daily of gun shots being fired in the middle of neighborhoods non stop. Reports came out over Christmas weekend that more than 53 people were shot, and 11 were killed. This is nothing new, Chicago is a war ground. Attached below is a video of a man just standing in the road of a neighborhood and just filming minutes of just straight gun shots. From different angles, different areas and from different types of weapons.

This is horrifying. The murder rate of Chicago has been soaring like we’ve never seen. It’s now at a 88% murder rate. That’s utterly insane!

Year to date Chicago crime statistics

  • Shot & Killed: 708
  • Shot & Wounded: 3642
  • Total Shot: 4350
  • Total Homicides: 788

So where is Obama at with all this? After all Chicago is his hometown. Nothing but silence from President Obama. He’s too busy leaving a mess for President-elect Donald Trump. He’s also too busy making sanctuary cities for all of his illegal immigrant buddies. He’s so concerned about illegal immigrants having safe haven, yet Americans from his own home are being left to be slaughtered?

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