Offended By Merry Christmas, Oh Well2 minute read

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So every one now a days is offended by any little thing, like you can’t even sneeze with out somebody getting offended. what society is becoming is very soft and and sore losers. What is happening we are catering to giving everyone there way and what they want when they complain.

So with that being said the biggest problem right now is the Phrase Merry Christmas that has been around for years and never bothered anyone, up until a few years back that everyone started to have a problem with the word Merry Christmas and got offended and wants everyone to say Happy Holidays instead. The problem started when a group of muslims got offended by the saying Merry Christmas and took it to court in California and actually won their case due to their religious belief, But the problem with that ruling is, if i don’t practice in your religion and I say my phrase according to my belief I am a racist, but its not the other way around. This is crazy madness and it has to stop. Lets look at what Merry Christmas really stands for, it means that Jesus is the reason and Christ was born for us on that day. I can go on and on with that topic all day, but that is for another article. This Country was founded on Values of religion and freedom, and we lost those values a while ago  due to be politically correct. Now that we have a new president elect Donald Trump, we will start saying Merry Christmas Again and don’t have to worry about who gets offended anymore. So with that being said Its Merry Christmas not Happy Holiday and if You Get offended I don’t care so have a nice day and enjoy you Christmas.

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